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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is what I love to do most. I’ve found coaching to be one of the best ways to help leaders increase their self-awareness, identify behaviors to change, and feel supported as they implement those changes. I use questions and exercises with my clients to help them shift their perceptions and behaviors.

Leadership Training

Have you recently transitioned to a new role? Do you feel anxious or stressed dealing with situations you’ve never encountered before? Leadership training is a great way to interact with others in a similar transition, learn new skills, and have a safe environment for practicing and applying what you’ve learned. I create trainings that are practical and highly interactive.

Coaching Programs

Organizations who invest in coaching see improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, and attract and retain talent. I can partner with you to identify your organization’s goals and create a coaching program to help your employees get the individualized support they need–from a credentialed coach–to move your organization forward. 

New Manager Training

I have found that many supervisors are promoted into their positions because of strong functional expertise. So how does someone learn how to be a good people manager? Through a blended approach of coaching and training, I help supervisors learn how to managing their workloads, empower their employees, and navigate organizational politics.  

I Also Give Workshops & Webinars

Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that having a high IQ isn’t always an indicator of success in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence—our ability to self-manage and relate to others—is essential to being a good leader and colleague. Through a blend of assessments, workshops, and coaching, I can teach you and your organization about the different components of emotional intelligence, and help you identify strengths and blind spots, and offer suggestions for improving them. Leaders who develop their emotional intelligence are more likely to have high-performing work teams, resulting in accurate and efficient project completion.

Leadership Assessments 

You’ve probably heard of “360” assessments—online leadership questionnaires that help clients compare their self-perceptions with the perceptions of their bosses, peers, and direct reports. My team and I are certified in numerous tools and can selectively choose the assessment that aligns best with your current goals.

Workplace Culture

In our strong economy, organizations are finding it more challenging to hire and retain top talent. So how can you attract and keep the best leaders and employees? It starts with creating a positive workplace culture. I can help you assess the current perception of your organization’s workplace, identify the type of culture you want to create, and then implement a plan for getting there.

Manager as Coach Training

Does everyone come to you to solve their problems? I can teach managers and leaders how to help others solve their own problems through listening and asking the right questions. This approach results in managers feeling less stress, having more time to be strategic and proactive, and leading happier employees who feel empowered and challenged.

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